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Phil. 4:13  I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.
Fallen Rock Ranch is located just north of Historic Guthrie on Wild Cat Curves.  Wild Cat Curves got its name for all the bobcats found in the area.  We thought it was appropriate to name our ranch Fallen Rock Ranch since we have to watch for fallen rock on the curves!  Our place was originally homesteaded by Ed and Lulu Pritchett in the 1890's.  We bought our place from the daughter of Ed and Lulu Pritchett, Eddie Lou Halsey.   
Hump and Eddie Lou Halsey, best known for their years of service with various Angus organizations owned this place until 1994 when we purchased it.  This is the former home of Wild Cat Curve Angus Ranch.  In the 50's, Hump raised Oklahoma Star horses that were out of Nowata Star.  We think that it is ironic that all of our mares trace at least once to Oklahoma Star as well as our stallion. 
Like Hump's Oklahoma Star horses, who were raised to rope, our horses are bred for roping and working cattle.        
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